Islet Award Initiative

The IIDP is pleased to announce continued support for the IIDP Islet Award Initiative (IIDP-IAI) for 2024. The IIDP-IAI provides human islets to investigators without the need for a paid subscription. Available funding will be allocated to applications approved by external, peer reviewers.


The IIDP Islet Award Initiative is intended to advance research in human islet biology by facilitating the ability of researchers to access human islets for high impact and novel research studies. The number of IIDP Islet Awards funded under this initiative will be determined in any single year based on available resources but will average 3-4 awards per submission date.

Key Dates:

Application Due Date(s):               June 14, 2024
Scientific Review:                            4-6 weeks post receipt

Start Date:                                       Successful awardees will be given access to the IIDP islet procurement network immediately following application approval. Approved studies must  be activated immediately following award and islet acceptance begun within 3 months of approval.

Award Information:
  • Resources provided under the IIDP-IAI are for islets, non-islet biomaterials, and/or histology slides. No funding will be provided for personnel, equipment, travel, supplies or other costs to perform work supported under the IIDP-IAI award.
  • The maximum islet allocation that may be requested under the IIDP-IAI will be 100,000 IEQ, or $15,000. Actual funding awarded may be adjusted based on availability and recommendations provided by external peer review.
  • Funding awarded under this program must be expended within 24 months of the award date.
  • The IIDP reserves the right to rescind the IIDP-IAI award if there is a failure to initiate the award within a 3-month time frame. In that circumstance, funding may be reallocated to another applicant.


  • New investigators are encouraged to apply but must hold an independent research position that automatically confers eligibility to apply for R01 grants under the applicant’s institutional policy. Institutions should provide evidence of commitment to facilities to be used for the conduct of the proposed research. A letter from the Division Chief or Department Chair may be required to confirm independent status of investigator. Investigators still in training or mentored status (postdoctoral fellows) are not eligible to apply. New investigators will be given priority over established investigators.
  • Established investigators who are new to the field and who are seeking to extend their studies using human islets are also encouraged to apply. Given limited resources, established investigators with a documented pre-existing track record in human islet research will not be eligible to obtain support under the 2024 IIDP-IAI program.

IIDP-IAI awards are not renewable. Successful awardees will be eligible to receive only one award under the IIDP-IAI program.
For questions pertaining to your potential eligibility for the IAI, please contact James Cravens [email protected] .

Application and Submission Information:
  • All applications will receive an initial administrative review to verify investigator eligibility and to ensure the study is responsive to the goals of the IIDP-IAI.
  • All applications deemed responsive to this initiative will be evaluated for scientific and technical merit using external peer review.
    • Each application will receive a primary review by external referees. Applications will be scored based on their Specific Aims, Research Methods and Rationale based on the NIH Scoring System for Research Applications .
    • External Peer Review is anticipated to take 4-6 weeks.
  • Applications will compete for available resources with all other applications submitted in response to this funding opportunity. NIH will make final funding decisions, with consideration of the following:
    • Scientific and technical merit of the proposed project as determined by scientific peer review.
    • Availability of resources.
    • Relevance of the proposed project to program priorities.
  • Consistent with NIH and HHS policies regarding the sharing of data and resources with the scientific community (http://grants.nih.gov/grants/sharing.htm), awardees are expected to inform IIDP of any publications or funding emanating from use of these resources.
  • Awardees must acknowledge all posters, manuscripts or scientific materials that are generated in part or whole using resources provided by the IIDP-Islet Award Initiative using the following text: “Support for this work was provided by the Integrated Islet Distribution – Islet Award Initiative (IIDP-IAI;  https://iidp.coh.org/Investigators/Islet-Award-Initiative)."
  • The IIDP-Islet Award Initiative program may be terminated by the IIDP at any time, particularly if islet demand exceeds islet supply.
  • The following type of acknowledgement, which includes the IIDP NIH grant #, should be documented in all publications where IIDP human Islets from the IIDP-IAI were used:  "Human pancreatic islets were provided by the NIDDK-funded Integrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP) at City of Hope, NIH Grant # U24DK098085 and the JDRF-funded IIDP Islet Award Initiative."
Contact Information:


James Cravens, Program Manager
IIDP-Islet Award Program
City of Hope, Duarte California
Phone: 805-201-1963
Email: [email protected]


For new investigators access the study application website by selecting Apply Now. 

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For existing investigators log into the IIDP website and select +New Study Using islets & Biomaterials button.