IIDP Affiliated Islet Isolation Center Contact Information

The IIDP coordinates the distribution of human islets and non-islet pancreatic tissue from the five isolation centers listed below. Human islets and tissue are isolated from pancreata procured from deceased organ donors with specified permission to be used for research purposes. The IIDP coordinates the dissemination of islets and pancreatic acinar tissue through the self-developed customized Matching Algorithm for Islet Distribution (MAID) to provide fair equitable human islet allotment via our computerized Islet Allocation System (IAS). Centers input relevant donor data, isolation information, and islet quality assessments such as purity, viability, counts, index, and ranking into the IAS and all information is broadcasted to the investigators chosen by the MAID system with notice of islet and tissue availability through email and/or text message. Accepted islets are shipped to the researchers directly from the islet isolation centers with overnight delivery in the contiguous U.S. and within a few days, internationally. . These five islet isolation centers have extensive experience in isolating human islets and delivering a high quality product to the research community.

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