Steps to Receive Islets, Tissue, and Data*

Submit Your Study Application

  • Contact Information
  • Letter of Agreement, Biosketch
  • Study Approval
    • Studies with peer-review grant funding are automatically approved
    • Non-peer reviewed studies receive external review within 4-6 weeks.

Complete Your Study Profile

Define Your Study's Criteria

  • Donor - Gender, Age, Body Mass Index, Ethnicity, Diabetes Status
  • Islets - Number/Shipment, Purity, Viability, Shipment Frequency
  • Non-Islet Biospecimens - Acinar, Duodenal, Ductal, Spleen Tissues;
    Frozen Pancreas Pieces, Peri-Pancreatic Lymph Nodes, Serum, Plasma
  • Data - Research information from all IIDP donors and isolations

Fund Your Subscription

  • Create Subscription Invoice
  • Submit Payment to Fund Study
    • Credit card (preferred), Check, ACH, PO
  • Islet Offers Begin!

Get Your Islets (Tissue)

  • Islets (Tissue) Offered through Emails/Text Messages
  • Accept or Reject Offer
  • Accepted Islets (Tissues) Are Sent from IIC via FedEx
  • Provide Feedback (quantitative/qualitative) about your Shipment

Other Resources Available through IIDP Repository

  • Flash Frozen Islets
  • Native Pancreas Slides for Histology
  • Research Data Repository
    • Donor Data (OPOs, UNOS)
    • Isolation Metrics (IICs)
    • Islet Phenotying (HIPP)
    • Genetic Data (HIGI)

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