View Investigator Brochure for detailed program information.

All approved studies must subscribe to the IIDP program in order to be eligible for islet offers. After your study has been approved, you’ll be able to generate a subscription invoice from within the IIDP website. For more information about processing subscription payments, please contact [email protected].
Email is the default notification method for the IIDP islet distribution program. Additionally, researchers can choose to be contacted via cell phone text message and/or pager notifications. If you would like to utilize any or all of these optional notification methods, please contact [email protected].
Yes. If you and a collaborator (or multiple collaborators) would like to receive the same islet offers and shipments, all of your studies can be linked.
No, you are free to accept, reject, or ignore any islet offer that you receive. However, if you reject or ignore several targeted offers consecutively, your study will be deprioritized as temporarily ineligible for targeted offers until you demonstrate a more impending need for offers by accepting an offer. While subject to this deprioritized status, your study will continue to be eligible for open offers.
There are no negative consequences for ignoring or rejecting one or two targeted offers. However, if you ignore or reject three or more consecutive targeted offers, you will be ineligible to receive additional targeted offers for 30 days. Once you accept your next targeted offer, your study will return to the default status and eligibility for all offer types will be reinstated.

This disincentive is enforced in order to maintain efficiency and to ensure that the neediest studies receive islet offers. You will only receive a targeted offer if the available islets meet all of your desired islet parameters. Therefore, if you repeatedly ignore or reject islets that meet your requirements, the Islet Allocation System (IAS) views this as a lack of need for islets.

There are no disincentives for ignoring or rejecting open offers since open offers may not meet all of your desired islet parameters.
There are several possible reasons:
          1) None of the islet production centers have offered islets lately.
          2) None of the islets offered have met your islet criteria.
          3) You have not subscribed to the current IIDP subscription period.
          4) You have not completed your User Feedback Form related to a previous shipment.
          5) You requested a large amount of time in between islet shipments.
          6) You requested to have your study placed on hold temporarily but did not contact the IIDP to reactivate your study.
If you suspect that your islet shipment is contaminated, contact [email protected] immediately so that the islet production center and other islet recipients can be notified of the problem. If your shipment is otherwise unacceptable, you may contact [email protected] or report the problem through the User Feedback Forms. In all cases, you will need to complete both Part I and II of the User Feedback Form online. If you are seeking a credit to your subscription, you will be asked to take a digital photograph of the islet prep and submit to the IIDP to substantiate your claim.
After you have received an islet shipment, you are required to complete Part I and Part II of the User Feedback Form online. Additionally, if the results of your IIDP-supported study are published, you are required to cite the Integrated Islet Distribution Program.
Subscription periods are generally 12 months in duration running from July to June of the following calendar year.
The current subscription rate is $0.15 per IEQ, and you can set your own custom subscription level to exactly match your islet needs. The pricing remains constant throughout the subscription period, but rates may change during future subscription periods.
You may either pay another subscription fee for the same subscription period, or you may wait until the next period starts and subscribe during that period.
All subscriptions will be valid from the date of payment through the end of the IIDP grant. Although the pricing rates may change from one subscription period to another, any unused subscription balance as of the end of one subscription period will carry over without loss into the next subscription period.
If you’ve reached the overall islet limit on your IIDP study, but the experiments are ongoing, your islet limit can be expanded. Contact [email protected] to make the necessary changes to your study’s islet limit.

If you need additional islets for a different, unrelated study, you’ll need to submit a new application. This will allow you to tailor the parameters of the new study so that your islet offers will meet the specific needs of the new study.