IIDP investigators using human islets from the IIDP and who publish their research are required to cite the IIDP (previously known as the Islet Cell Resource Center Consortium, or ICR) and are encouraged to submit these publications to the IIDP Coordinating Center (cswanson@coh.org or IIDP-email@coh.org).

The following type of acknowledgement, which includes the IIDP NIH grant #, should be documented in all publications where IIDP human Islets were used: Human pancreatic islets were provided by the NIDDK-funded Integrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP) at City of Hope, NIH Grant # 2UC4DK098085. If you obtained islets via the IIDP’s Islet Award Initiative (IAI), please state the following: Human pancreatic islets were provided by the NIDDK-funded Integrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP) at City of Hope, NIH Grant # 2UC4DK098085 and the JDRF-funded IIDP Islet Award Initiative.



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