Policies & Standard Operating Procedures

The NIDDK Rigor and Reproducibility guidelines recommend using protocols.io for method sharing. Protocols.io is an open access platform for scientists to create step-by-step, interactive, and dynamic protocols that can be run on mobile or web. Protocols can be shared with lab members, collaborators, the scientific community, or made public, with ease and efficiency. Real-time communication and interaction keep protocols up to date with versioning, forking, Q&A, and troubleshooting. Public protocols receive a DOI and allow open communication with authors and researchers to encourage efficient experimentation and reproducibility. SOPs specific to the IIDP can be found within the IIDP Group or the links of each SOP listed below.

  • The human islets that are distributed by the IIDP are from approved cadaveric organ donors from which at least one other organ has been approved for transplantation. Because the donors are brain dead, the IRB’s from the institutions that isolate the islets consider the tissue as “Exempt” from Human Studies Approval. Also, because we only procure from transplant donors, all testing is done prior to donation to assure that the tissue is safe and free of communicable disease. However we recognize that some unknown virus could be present so we do actively warn all of our investigators to use Universal Precautions when handling IIDP islets.
IIDP Protocols (Protocols listed in green are available on protocols.io)
IIDP Center Islet Isolation Protocols