IIDP Data Resource Trainee Scholar Award

The Integrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP) announces a new funding initiative, the 2023 IIDP Data Resource - Trainee Scholar Award (DRTSA), that is intended to advance research in human pancreas biology by providing trainees with support and access to detailed donor and islet data contained within the IIDP’s Research Data Repository (RDR) that will enable important secondary analyses to explore the relationships among donor characteristics, islet phenotyping, and genetic risk

Studies supported by these awards should focus on key questions in pancreatic research. IIDP data, including detailed donor, islet isolation, and post-shipment phenotyping data, will be made available to award recipients via the IIDP’s Research Data Repository (RDR). A comprehensive list of data points available via the IIDP’s RDR can be viewed here: https://iidp.coh.org/Investigators/Research-Data-Repository

An informational webinar will be held by the IIDP to help orient potential applicants to the IIDP and its data holdings (June 1, 2023 at 1 PM Pacific). 

Upon conclusion of the project, all award recipients will be asked to provide feedback on the design and functionality of the RDR to assist the IIDP in improving the RDR’s future functionality and utility.

Award Budget:                            

Awards are limited to $10,000 including any applicable F&A costs. As is customary for NIDDK supported career development awards, Indirect Costs (Also known as Facilities & Administrative [F&A] Costs) are reimbursed at 8% of modified total direct costs.  

Project Period:  The maximum project period is 12 months.


Download the IIDP Data Resource Trainee Scholar Award RFP for more information. 

Download the Informational Webinar Slides

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Key Dates         
Posted Date:                     May 16, 2023
Informational Webinar: June 1, 2023 at 1 PM Pacific 
Letter of Intent Due Date: June 15, 2023 (courtesy only)
Application Due Date: July 31, 2023
Scientific Review:               
6 - 8 weeks post receipt
Announcement of Awardees                       September 2023                                      
Start Date: November 1, 2023
End Date:
October 31, 2024