Pilot Program
The Pilot Program is on temporary hold for acceptance of new applications. The IIDP is continuing to support previously approved studies with access to human islets. We anticipate re-opening the Pilot Program to new applications late in 2017 or early 2018.


The IIDP Pilot Program is intended to advance novel research in human islet biology by providing human islets to all researchers wishing to perform pilot studies. This program is open to all investigators, funded and unfunded, who 1) have never previously used human islets for their research studies or 2) wish to run pilot studies to collect initial data prior to submission of a peer-reviewed grant application.

Program Guidelines:
  • A limited number of Pilot applications will be awarded based on available resources.
  • Funded investigators must demonstrate that their pilot study represents a new direction not supported under current funding, and must sign a statement to that affect.
  • All pilot applications will receive an administrative review by NIH before being submitted to external reviewers, to confirm the novel nature of the pilot study and to ensure that this study is not already covered by the applicant’s current funding.
  • Quarterly due dates for Pilot Applications are April 1, July 1, October 1 and January 1 of each calendar year.
  • Investigators are eligible to be granted one request under this Pilot Program.
  • The maximum islet allocation request under the Pilot Program will be 250,000 IEQs in total, and may be utilized until the approved allotment of islets is expended. However, the IIDP external reviewers may recommend modification of the appropriate number of islets approved for use by the applicant.
  • Approved applicants shall agree to report back to the IIDP on any funding acquired after participation in this program, to assist the IIDP to track the success rate of this program.
  • This Pilot Program may be terminated by the IIDP at any time, particularly if the demand for islets through its regular program begins to exceed the islet supply.

  • Pilot Application Review Process:
    The IIDP will review submissions, forward to the NIH officers for administrative oversight, and those that fit the criteria will be sent to the IIDP application review committee. The IIDP uses a review process for Pilot Applications similar to that used by the NIH. Individual scores will be given for innovation, significance and approach. An overall score and a priority will be assigned. Three reviewers with extensive human islet experience will evaluate each application. Applications will be accepted, rejected, or changes requested with submission during the next quarterly submission period. Reviews are anticipated to take 6-12 weeks.
    If you have questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact Janice Sowinski by email at jsowinski@coh.org or by phone at 626-536-5641.

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