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Fair and Equitable Islet Distribution

The IIDP uses a web-based optimization algorithm to match researchers with islets best suited for their studies. This allows uninterrupted islet distribution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Customizable Islet Demand Levels

The IIDP features a user-defined islet demand classification system which allows researchers to customize their study’s relative priority for islets as: high demand, standard demand, low demand, and on-hold.

Customizable Data Reports

Approved IIDP researchers have access to a wealth of donor and islet isolation data through the IIDP Research Data Repository (RDR). Records can be filtered and individual data points can be selected to meet the unique needs of each researcher.

Multi-Center Islet Production Expertise

Our islet production centers have decades of experience as leaders in human islet isolation and distribution. With locations across the United States, we are able to draw upon a large organ donation network.

Human Islet Genotyping Initiative

To provide a summary of the genetic characteristics of each donor, the HIGI will generate partitioned genetic risk (pGRS) scores for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. These pGRS will be visualized on the IIDP website, to provide an overview of the genetic contributions of a variety of physiological processes (e.g. islet cell, liver, adipose dysfunction) to each individual donor’s diabetes risk.

Human Islet Phenotyping Program

HIPP provides phenotypic data on islets post-shipment, received from the islet isolation centers following each isolation. These data include purity, viability and potency assessments as well as hormone content and histological analysis of total preparation for endocrine vs exocrine cells and average composition of α, β, and δ cells through standardized assays.

User Satisfaction Analyses

Quantitative and qualitative feedback is collected after every islet shipment and routinely analyzed to improve project satisfaction and success of the program .

Multi-Study Collaboration

The IIDP distribution algorithm can group multiple studies from anywhere in the world to ensure that your collaborators receive the same islet offers as you.

Standardized Packaging and Shipping

The IIDP utilizes a standardized packaging protocol which has been scientifically tested and proven to maintain islet health and quality.